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      Solite Athlete Testimonials

      Obviously, we believe Solite Boots are the ultimate performance wetsuit boots. But don't take our word for it, take theirs...

      Pro Surfer, New Jersey, USA

      Andrew Gesler

      "I don't use any other bootie on the market. Solite boots have a particular feel that you have to try to know. I love them. They fit right, I feel my board, and they have never failed me."

      Pro River-Surfer, Montana, USA

      KB Brown

      "I have over 300 sessions surfing in my first pair of Solite Customs. I have used them almost daily for the past year on many surfing adventures in the river and ocean. They are absolutely the best booties I've owned! They are quality built, super durable, and provide amazing grip and traction."

      Pro Kite-Surfer, France

      Christophe Stamatiou

      "I used to wear very thin boots to be as close as possible to barefoot sensation, but with Kite Surfing you are always using foot pressure so these boots would quickly get holes and be done. Solite Boots are much more durable. They are the perfect compromise between having very warm feet and a thermo-molded perfect fit which keeps my feet perfectly in place. The feel is as close as possible to barefoot and I can really feel the board and grip."

      Pro Surfer, Tasmania, Australia

      Tyler Holmer-Cross

      "I've never been happy with generic-brand surf booties. Since I came across Solite booties it was a game changer! Tasmania has cold surf most of the year, and now I'm enjoying surfing even more with the molded boots. Even the coldest months of winter, my feet stay warm, and they are also great for performance surfing."

      Pro Surfer, Ireland

      Cian Logue

      "I've never had a better fitting boot...as well as the warmth. But what really impressed me the most is how long they last. I would go through two pairs of boots in winter from the soles wearing away, but that's definitely not happening with the Solite Boots."

      Pro Surfer, Scotland

      Sebastian Jimenez

      "These booties are something completely different. Perfect fit, very light, flexible, and warm. They are the closest thing to not having anything on! Even if you have a big wipeout and your wetsuit is full of water, your booties never lose their shape."