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      Solite Boots Blog Feed

      Meanwhile in Spain...

      Solite Boots; Punta Galea

      Warms the heart to see New York's Cliff Skudin crushing it in Spain on the white Solite prototypes he borrowed from his brother Will. Some amazing shots of Cliff emerging from his waves at Nazare and the Punta Galea Challenge. 

      All Hail the Heat Booster Sock

      All Hail the Heat Booster Sock

      As the water temps drop in the Northern Hemisphere, we'd like to put the spotlight on the numerous benefits of our Heat Booster split-toe socks. By design, Solite Boots don't have any plush lining material inside the lower portion (the heat-moldable portion) of the boot. While such plush lining ads a layer of warmth and comfort in regular wetsuit booties, it is also the primary reason why regular booties stink to high-heaven after a few uses, and also why they take forever to dry. This lining material is a hot-bed for bacteria from your feet to form and hang out. Since it is very difficult for fresh air to circulate inside booties, the moistness in the lining material breeds bacteria formation and the cycle of stink is very difficult to break.

      Solite Boots' sole is molded from an anti-microbial thermo-foam that dries quickly and therefore makes it difficult for bacteria to form inside the boot. Many surfers love the feel of foot directly against this foam as it gives the most direct, barefoot-like response from foot to board. However, for those who miss the cushiness or extra warmth provided by lining materials, we developed the Heat Booster Split Toe Sock. The benefits of this sock are substantial:

      1. The polyester/nylon/spandex material ads a layer of insulation for a few extra degrees of warmth.
      2. The fibers of this material blend don't absorb water and dry quickly.
      3. They can be machine washed/dried to eliminate bacteria formation immediately and give you fresh, clean socks for your next session.
      4. The low-friction surface makes putting on your wetsuit and boots much easier.
      5. The socks work great for the Solite Heat Molding process, providing a little breathing room for your toes inside the boot.
      6. You can use Heat Booster socks in ANY booties, split toe or round.
      7. You can also use Heat Booster socks for any athletic activity: running, biking, ninja moves, driving to the beach. They double as excellent athletic socks.

      Heat Booster socks come FREE with all 3mm and 6mm Custom Pro boots and are also sold separately for $9.95. They are available in two sizes, Small (US 6-9) and Large (US 10-13). Order them here: Heat Booster Socks.

      Solite Boots Dominate the Cold War Surf Contest

      Andrew Gesler Cold War Surf Solite Boots

      Andrew Gesler at the Cold War in his Solite 6mm Custom Pro BootsThe Cold War Surf Contest took place December 10th on snow-covered sand in Asbury Park, NJ. Nearly 1/3rd of the competitors were wearing Solite Boots, including captain of the winning team, Andrew Gesler, and Contest MVP Clay Pollioni. Solite Boots were also on the feet of Pat Schmidt, Ben McBrien, and Vince Boulanger. Let's just say several other competitors in the contest left with a new pair of Solite Boots to use their next session. We are proud that so many top-flight East Coast Pros choose Solite Boots for their unbeatable combo of lightweight barefoot feel and warmth.

      Solite Boots Retailer List is Growing

      Solite Boots Retailers

      Shout-out to our growing list of progressive retailers carrying Solite Boots in store. We will add to this list as new shops sign on. Any retailers out there who would like to become Solite dealers, contact us here: Dealer Inquiries